Rankin and Parker House Tours

13988162_1453264804700478_1267941164000132557_oLast weekend was a great weekend for the CCWRT’s trip to Ripley to visit the Rankin and Parker houses.  Thirteen of us toured both houses, and had quite an extensive tour of both locales.  The tour guides (Jeff at Rankin House and Dewey at the Parker House) were knowledgeable and engaging, and with the number of questions we asked of Jeff at the Rankin House, we were given a bit longer tour than normal.


The Rankin House will be receiving a new visitor’s center slated to start construction later this year.  That should really enhance the overall experience any visitor will enjoy.


The group had a nice lunch at Coehearts in Ripley, a location that overlooks the Ohio River.  It was great to be able to talk about our Civil War interests outside the normal meeting venue and to get to know each other a bit.


Look for more such tours in the future as we look to get our members together more frequently!

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