Inclement Weather & Possible Meeting Cancellations

CCWRT has been fortunate in that bad weather has forced us to cancel a meeting only two times in the last fifteen years, but we want to be prepared to communicate last minute information on meeting day if necessary. If bad weather makes the streets difficult to travel, you can check the following sources to determine if the meeting is still on or if it has been cancelled:

  • Check the home page on our web site at We will post a simple update informing the membership that the meeting has either been cancelled or it is still on.
  • Check your email for an update. If the weather leaves you wondering whether we’ll meet or not, the CCWRT Listserv will be used to communicate the latest information to members who have provided us their email address.
  • Call the Drake Conference Center at 513-418-2500 and inquire about the status of the meeting. If we decide to cancel, they will be the first to know and their switchboard operators will be informed.
  • Call Lester Burgin, President, at 513-891-0610.

Lester will make the decision on the status of the meeting by noon the day of the meeting. The decision will be based on the condition of the roads, the safety of our members, the status of the speaker, and the Drake Meeting Center’s ability to serve us. If a cancellation is required, we will have a June meeting to make up for the cancelled date because we are contractually obligated for eight meetings per year.

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