Cincy Round Table Summer Movie project

Because of the stay at home health requirements, members are making films to share. They might have an item from the Civil War Period or perhaps a book recently read that they would like to share. All production is handled by staff for the members and appearing on camera i not a requirement.

If you might have something you would like to add, just email to work out arrangements.

Links to current movies 

  1. Movie #1 Feature presentation of a sword from the 47th New York Veteran Volunteers
  2. Movie #2 A Burnside cavalry carbine
  3. Movie #3 Book Review  of Russell Bonds “War Like a Thunderbolt
  4. Movie #4 Feature presentation of an 1818 Harper’s Ferry Rifled Musket

George A. Custer Symposium

Civil & Indian Warrior

If you are interested in General Custer and his life, you are going to want to attend the “From Gettysburg to Little Bighorn: General Armstrong Custer, Civil War and Indian War 2020 Symposium” March 28, 2020, in Harrisburg, PA. 

Our friends at the National Civil War Museum have a wonderful day in store for you.  Click the buttons below to find out more or to register. 


Article published in The New Yorker on Lincoln

Illustration by David Hughes

Illustration by David Hughes

I received from William Vodrey, President of the Cleveland Round Table and one of our speakers last year, an email with a link to an article that was published in The New Yorker. Here is the link to the article:

While the article is rather long, I found it to be very interesting. I learned new information about both what was said at Lincoln’s death and what was also recorded about what he said at the Gettysburg Address. It seems there is some controversy about both. But it is relevant for we Cincy Round Tablers, as the author of the article consults Harold Holzer as well as has quotes from the 1865 Cincinnati Daily Gazette. Holzer will be speaking this Sunday, November 6th at 2:00 pm at The Hebrew Union College, and our November Round Table speaker, David Dixon will also talk about the Gettysburg dedication ceremony. How is that for keeping things current and relevant? 

So click on the above link , and read what I think you will find to be a rather well done article.

Tom Williams