Activities/Membership Recruitment Meeting

Ten passionate folks attended a meeting today to explore ideas about how to make the Round Table grow.  A variety of topics were discussed, from using ads on Facebook to adding more events to streamlining the meeting format.  From the discussion some immediate steps are being taken:

Create a welcome committee who will ensure that members, especially new ones, are welcomed to the group at our meetings.  

Develop a summer session, perhaps a round table get together to discuss and debate a previously set topic, so that we are engaging members to become more involved and learn more about the war.  Hold this event on a weekend day at a place other than the Drake that is conducive to talk while folks can enjoy food and drinks.

Contact regional groups and sites and cross promote events.

Allow the folks who are not having dinner to participate in the quiz, but only allow those having dinner the chance to win raffle tickets if their table wins.

There were a variety of other topics discussed that will be developed into more long range goals.

Thanks to all who stopped by!

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