10th Ohio Regiment (sometimes referred to as the “Bloody Tenth”)


The Genealogy & Local History Department at Downtown Branch of the Hamilton County Public Library is presenting an exhibit in March, 2017 dedicated to the 10th Ohio Regiment (sometimes referred to as the “Bloody Tenth”). The 10th had a good number of the troops were of Irish descent, and they were planning the exhibit as part of commemorating Irish genealogy/history month. They want to know if any our members had any artifacts (letters, clothing, etc.) from the 10th that could be part of the exhibit . They would be given great care and be part of the Cincinnati Room exhibit space, which is very secure. If you have any artifacts or perhaps know anyone who has items of interest related to the 10th, you may contact Colleen.Phillips@nullCincinnatiLibrary.org or Albert Hallenberg, CCWRT.   Albert Hallenberg is the Reference Librarian at the Public Library of Cincinnati’s Downtown Branch.

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